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Have a meaningful and satisfying career

“People spend one third of their lifetime working. So having a career that is meaningful and satisfying is important to living a healthy, more balanced life. Therapy can help.”

Kimberly Autrey, LPC, NCC


Kimberly Autrey, LPC, NCC
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The busy world we live in can leave us feeling overworked, disconnected and questioning our career path. Maybe you are looking for a career change or trying to find a way to reconnect with a job your once loved. Maybe you no longer recognize yourself because your identity is over-invested in how much you achieve or whether you are next in line for a promotion. Therapy can help.

I offer a mix of therapy and coaching to help you make the changes you want and to succeed in work and life.  Some of the issues I work with include:

  • Anxiety and public speaking phobias
  • Career exploration and changes
  • Effective communication to deal with difficult personalities
  • Stress management and coping with burnout
  • Imposter syndrome or feeling incompetent
  • Limiting beliefs and creative blocks
  • Support for entrepreneurs


Life coaching is a collaborative relationship between the coach and client designed to tap into your full potential.  As a coach, I act as a sounding board through touch decisions, help build your skills and provide motivation and accountability through scheduled weekly contact. If there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be, you have space for coaching. Together with coaching, we can close the gap, explore limiting beliefs and challenge you to expand your thinking. Some of the areas you can work on with a coach include:

  • Career planning and changes
  • Starting/growing a business
  • Getting out of a rut
  • Clearing clutter
  • Improving your work/life balance
  • Empty nesting

If you would like to schedule an appointment, call 336-416-0456